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( Sep. 10th, 2016 04:16 pm)
I have a new blog over on WordPress: My plan is to post over there the project type things I used to post openly here, colouring my writing with the awareness that some viewers will be new and not know me. Wooo, deliberately posting in a more open forum. I threatened to do this a few years ago, but got talked out of it. DrQ encouraged me to do it a few days ago and I've taken the plunge. Basically, the readership here is just too small. I get lots of feedback on FB but history keeping and searchability is poor to non existant.

I think I'll still post some things here. Stuff I don't want on open forum, but want to be able to refer to later. Also perhaps, non project subjects? We will see. Feel free to put the new blog on a feed if you still want to read it here. Feel free also to point people to it if you think they would be interested. It's a deliberate reaching out to a wider world of maker folk I suppose. I don't yet know how that will play out.

I must say, the stats available in WordPress are rather fun. I wonder if I'll keep watching them? (numbers of visitors, views etc)



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