Macaroons (based on verbal instructions from Mistress Elspeth):
3 egg whites
300g almond meal
300g sugar
mix, roll to balls on baking paper, bake ~25min at 150C or until lightly browned.

They seemed pale to me, then I realised that the last two years I have included some roast hazelnut meal. That would explain the colour difference! The hazelnut version is more effort though because I make my own meal, and I'm recovering from lurgy so that was deemed too hard this year.


The biscotti recipe I used is the same as last year, but not GF this time. Based on a "traditional" italian one, and not far distant from the medjeeval one, but less fatty, no cream or butter and with the sugar in the mix rather than used as a dredge.www.cooks.com/recipe/o23qs8us/italian-biscotti.html. This year the mix wouldn't come together without extra liquid, hence the alcohol and water/juice additions.

My changes:
Made up in two halves, no vanilla

One half add:
1/2t aniseed, crushed and mixed with the dry ingredients
1/2 cup unblanched almonds, coarsely chopped and toasted in the oven
1t vodka
water to bring together

Other half :
finely grated rind of half an orange
1/2t ground coriander
1/t grand marnier
juice 1/2 orange to bring together
(I wanted some alternate flavour for those who don't like aniseed and R had already planned a sweet with rose water. R tells me she has evidence for coriander being used in biskit in our time frame)

Of course, now I'm worried there isn't enough. Sensibly, I think there is. It's the hind brain that wants more on hand. The macaroons are 2 and a half each for a dessert, hopefully to go with fluffy lemon cheese. The biscotti are meant for a lunch. There is one of each flavour per person plus a bunch spare. I could make a batch of different macaroons for spare if I have time?

The anise ones could use more anise. They tasted lovely but no noticeable anise flavour. Quanities were fine.SaveSaveSaveSave
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