5+years ago, the wristwatches I had stopped working. Both the one I was given for a long ago birthday and the very elegant one I bought in Geneva. Most annoying. I went without for a while but eventually decided I wanted the option of having the time strapped to me again. However, one of my purchasing filters is that I try not to acquire anything that can only be powered by disposable batteries. I want wind up, solar, rechargeable, or at least can use rechargeable batteries. So about 4 years ago I bought three* watches:

-An “automatic” self winding one. This works but is really annoying because it takes several hours of movement to wind it sufficiently to keep good time. So unless I wear it basically every day, it ends up being worn mostly as an ornament. One puts it on, then after several hours one needs to remember to set the time- which I would usually forget to do. Not a huge success, which is a pity ‘cause it’s a very attractive watch (with a black leather band).

-A very cheap wind up watch. This worked well for a while, then the winder felt like it had disconnected. So I’ve not worn it for about a year. I picked it up yesterday though and managed to wind it. The connection of the crown to the winding mechanism is dodgy. Hopefully I can keep it limping along for a while longer. This is a large scale skeleton watch so it’s pleasingly steampunkish and fun to look at (with a brown not-leather band, that needs replacing** ).

-An “Eco-Drive” solar watch. This one has been great. There is no effort to keeping it charged and it keeps running for ages even after been in the dark quite a lot. I’ve been wearing this to work for months, very reliable. However, this one is a dainty gold bracelet watch that I bought for parties and pretty occasions. So I don’t want to wear it every day and get it tatty.

So I’ve just ordered a new large face eco-drive watch as a birthday present to myself (with a black leather band).

*three watches for fussy sartorial reasons. I don’t like those linked metal bands, I find they pinch. I also (almost always) refuse to wear silver and a gold watch in the large scale I like is overpoweringly GOLD. I prefer a leather band, but what colour? I like a black one to wear with my office clothes, but a brown one for weekends. Then neither of those looks good with a dainty dress, or if I’m wearing all pale colours.

**a proper new leather band will probably cost more than the watch. It really was very cheap.
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( Aug. 5th, 2014 07:52 pm)

Oh my goodness. I actually managed to do useful things on a Monday night! I made up my bircher muesli for the rest of the week. Then I bottled the small beer and cleaned up both the bottling gear and the kitchen. This was all good. Following that up with reading until way too late was less useful, though fun.

Tonight I think will be less productive. I have managed though to print the labels for the latest two brews:

smugglers fancy      Wee Bee Beer

The last two are now drinkable. I'm pretty happy with the cider, as a not-really-cider drinker, and Wier Bine is posssibly the best beer I've made yet.

Ciderry      Wier Bine

and the previous two: Gloaming(Scotch ale) and Lightly Bright(APA) are also on the menu.

Plus some other bits and pieces from prior experiments.

I begin to think that perhaps some sort of brew tasting might be a good birthday celebration? I need to get some of this drunk so I can brew some more! Must think on that. A ploughman's platter, brew tasting thingo? there is chutney to eat too :-).

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( Feb. 26th, 2012 09:52 am)
For you:


Open country, with cows, from Orkney.

See you this arvo!



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