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( Sep. 10th, 2016 04:16 pm)
I have a new blog over on WordPress: My plan is to post over there the project type things I used to post openly here, colouring my writing with the awareness that some viewers will be new and not know me. Wooo, deliberately posting in a more open forum. I threatened to do this a few years ago, but got talked out of it. DrQ encouraged me to do it a few days ago and I've taken the plunge. Basically, the readership here is just too small. I get lots of feedback on FB but history keeping and searchability is poor to non existant.

I think I'll still post some things here. Stuff I don't want on open forum, but want to be able to refer to later. Also perhaps, non project subjects? We will see. Feel free to put the new blog on a feed if you still want to read it here. Feel free also to point people to it if you think they would be interested. It's a deliberate reaching out to a wider world of maker folk I suppose. I don't yet know how that will play out.

I must say, the stats available in WordPress are rather fun. I wonder if I'll keep watching them? (numbers of visitors, views etc)

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( Sep. 3rd, 2010 09:05 pm)
montjoye now exists at dreamwidth. I'm very attached to this username. My other dreamwidth account might get used for something-I find that name appealing too but it's not ME online like montjoye has become. I've even splashed out and bought 6mths paid for montjoye and all.

To add to other evils and transgressions, LJ has peeved me by changing image posting settings-it now defaults to photobucket or some such rubbish. Now I can't work out how to post an image from my harddrive on either LJ or dreamwidth!  Help? The shoe files and other amusing (at least to me) illustrated posts will resume when I can figure this out.

I need to do more set up and remember what my people are called on dreamwidth so I can do the circle thang.  Feel free to add me if you want to, or think I want you to or something.


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