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( Jun. 2nd, 2016 09:23 am)
Having taken note of Mr Darcy's last moult, and he started again yesterday, I'm inclined to keep a record for a little while. Very minor science :-)

April ~20th. Fairly major moult. >10 large feathers, no tail feathers
June 1st. One wing feather so far plus a bunch of medium ones (bigger than just down)
that gap is only about 5wks, I thought it was a couple of months between moults.
July 10th. Again about 5wks. lots of down, a few flight feathers and one tail feather.
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( Dec. 13th, 2012 09:25 pm)
I've had two lots of things drying on the back verandah for a few days.I had no idea it was going to rain, call myself a weather watcher? I brought the herbs in this morning for fear they would get too baked. The sand however that was very nearly dry enough to use to support my treeish plan, now very much isn't.  So the dry herbs are now bottled but the sand could hardly be wetter. Maybe I will just use the regular tree after all? I'm sure not drying the sand in the oven, some cat probably wazzed in it.

I went to a party at a funeral parlour last night. Not often one can say that. It was lovely fun, and I was most interested to see the place I had heard so much about. Darcy however really didn't like me being away so long. Poor thing needs more company. He get even more scaredy after he has been left alone. And he has pretty much no tail at all now, all chewed away. Chrissie will be good for him, more people for more of the time.

I’m not only unclear what gender Darcy is, but what species! I have a silver tabby budgie who climbs enthusiastically around the cage, often hanging upside down from one foot. Her favourite game seems to be not only chasing her tail but catching and chewing on it. That’s pretty jolly amusing but I don’t approve of the resulting damage. It’s great that she is more active though.

It’s been a big day of firsts in Darcy land. She:
-didn’t take fright when I changed her water
-got out and flew about the room for a bit. This was not meant to happen but we both recovered fairly fast.
-bit me hard enough to draw blood.
-has voluntarily stood on my finger! But only one foot and in somewhat unusual circumstances.

Look Mum, only one hand

Classic inside out pose including display of chewed tail feathers

Yum yum

I don't really have enough eyes left to write this... but I want you to meet the new resident of Chateau Montjoye. I took a trek out west last night to visit a budgie breeder. She kept the cleanest budgie set up I've ever seen! There were about 5 or so babies on offer and this little pretty grey was the only one to come and investigate me. So after some little time, I said I'd take it home. I say "it" because at only 2 weeks out of the nest, it's too early to tell gender for sure. The breeder said maybe a girl? My vet friend A has said she will offer an opinion, but appears to be on night shift so hasn't yet.

So why "Darcy"? Well that sleek, rather besuited look needed to be recognised. I wanted something elegant and fairly gender neutral given I don't know yet which set of pronouns will be appropriate. I had other ideas but this one just seemed to fit.

So far, we have managed some minor cage navigation, a few frights, eventual discovery of the seed dispenser and ... the budgie in the mirror! In sleepy zone this evening, I was allowed to gently stroke the feathered tum without a fright being taken. Hurrah


I need to do some furniture rearranging to get the budgie table back in my room. That can wait a few days though. Just as well 'cause it will have to.
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( Oct. 8th, 2010 03:11 pm)
At Great Southern Gathering last weekend, the lovely Antonia ran 2 classes. One on making Gesso(rabbit skin glue and whiting etc) and preparing a board with it... the other on painting on this prepared board with egg tempura paint. So I thought I'd have a go. Of course in order to paint, one has to choose a subject. I had a brainwave and decided to paint a memorial for my departed blue friend.  Here it is:


I'm delighted at how well it turned out. I don't call myself much of a painter but perhaps I can learn. I enjoyed this medium. I amuse myself by alternatively thinking of this as a section cut from a 14thC tryptich! I presume you can recognise the angel/budgie wing. The gold arc is meant to be a section of halo, it also reads successfully as the sun.

Amazing how much better this made me feel around the grieving thing. I had DONE something. It helps.

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( Oct. 5th, 2010 10:14 am)
Little Blue is gone. There was an unfortunate, unanticipated and entirely unintentional incident on Sept 28.

I feel blessed that I had 7 years of his company- comforting, amusing, entertaining, occasionally frustrating. He was a wonderful little friend.


The house is far too quiet.



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