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( Sep. 6th, 2016 03:45 pm)
I have a new green cardi


from what? )

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( Jun. 29th, 2016 01:55 pm)

I've had some black food dye for ages but hadn't tried using it yet. Today I had a sudden enthusiasm to do so. The black dye is made up of three different colours, and I'd heard the black dyes have a tendency to split, so I was unlikely to get an even effect.

I first overdyed these merino leggings. I just wanted them darker so I felt less like I was wearing clown pants.

IMG_5440-2 .

I'm pretty happy with these. I did deliberately twist the legs of the orange pair to get a bit of striping. The dye variation on the blue/green pair is quite random, I just shoved those in the pot foot end first.

Then I overdyed the cream skirt I made last winter, because I wasn't wearing it, and for fun. This so didn't come out the way I thought! I wanted black at the top, grading to whatever at the hem. Well, I at least managed some whatever :-)


It is interesting but I'm not sure yet whether I like it. I tried to get a blacker colour at the waist with extra dye, but it just went a slightly darker purple. I quite like the mottly green at the hem though.

Because I'd added more dye that wasn't working for the skirt, I had some to use up. The red tones are taken up first, then green is left. So I had a pot of mostly green dye. I popped in four balls of a wool yarn I'd liked when I purchased it, but now think is a bit dull. Original colour shown bottom right. I love how these have come out. You can tell what order I put them in the pot eh? Yes I should have skeined them first but oh well, I didn't. Each ball will have a casual gradient of overdye. I'll let them dry a bit before skeining them so they can finish drying. Later. And no I don't yet know what I'll make with this.

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( Apr. 6th, 2013 06:41 pm)
Look away if you read me on FB

Colour stripping results. Three pairs of before and after, before is leftmost. Ignore the pink embroidery- that piece is only to show the third before colour given I didn't keep a piece of that original. Quite by accident, I have so far mostly stripped red toned cloth. The red goes but often leaves a yellow colour behind. The attempt to strip yellow only took the colour back a tone or so.
Then I tried to strip two printed shirts. Nothing happened. Either that dye is really fixed, or I managed to thoroughly use up the stripping chemical!

~$8 for the packet of Rit colour remover, 10-11m fabric stripped- so <$1/m on top of fabric cost.



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