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( Jan. 30th, 2013 08:07 pm)
Once apon a time, in a land fairly far away, there was an enormous chandelier. SO enormous that it was too mighty for it's ceiling fixing and it fell crashing to the floor of the ballroom it was living in. SO enormous that it filled the back of the ute that my uncle was encouraged to take it away in. He was working for the owners at the time and was given the broken enormity if he would take it away.

This was many years ago. My uncle made at least six smaller chandeliers from it's carcass. He sold four, the other two live in my aunt's house. Several other items were made from the leftover crystals but my aunt had grown tired of the remainder cluttering up her life and my uncle has passed on so we don't know what he would think. Given I am known to be crafty, they were offered to me. How could I refuse? They are beautiful things. Handcut, shiny and various. AND the building the original massive chandeleir lived in until it's demise, later became the venue for the first early music concert I ever saw*. Mama tells me I have met a son of the family that owned the beast, but I don't remember, sadly.

Thus it is that I brought home what looks like a large amount of amazing, somewhat chipped, chandeleir crystals, but a mere fraction of the source.



Yes, that is my dining table under there.

*I have been deeply attracted to early music every since

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( Jun. 12th, 2012 08:48 pm)
My long term readers might remember this design . I made the quilt top more than three years ago. Originally it was designed for my nephew but my brother upset me so thoroughly over it that it got folded away and not touched until a few months ago.  Then I found out there was another baby about to appear in my circle, who would probably appreciate a hand made quilt, or at least his parents would. So... the new inspiration and purpose caused the finishment of said quilt for baby Aengus! I hope it keeps him warm and happy. It certainly makes me feel good to have it finished and given and hopefully used.


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( Dec. 6th, 2011 06:51 pm)
Made at SIL's request to be the same but different to grey bunny.  That's Niece's Chrissie pressie done!



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