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( Feb. 1st, 2014 05:05 pm)

For my personal reference and the interest of those that don't read FB... I've finally finished all my planned curtain projects. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Now all windows in the house (except the bathroom) have curtains made by moi. The lot below have all been made since early last Saturday.

I would have done better to take the pics at night, but I was impatient.

In the manner of preventing rain by taking an umbrella, maybe it's my fault today is cooler than expected and tomorrow's forecast max temp has dropped?

.         .

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( Nov. 1st, 2011 07:11 am)
My stratospheric washing line. There is another of these at the other end of the yard of course. When one side is up and the wind is blowing it seems that it wants to deliver one's washing to the stratosphere.  Old fashioned, rather inconvenient to hang clothes out on but the extra running about does me no harm and it still amuses me after more than 5 yrs of using it. Also, it takes up no space in the yard while not in use- or the whole yard if one wanted to grow trees.  The pic is not current, is actually from before I took up residence.

Picture 037
It's perhaps not surprising that it is remarkably difficult to get a good shot of a transparent thing. I might be able to do better in daylight but here, is a reasonable image of my new vase. Makes me think of a fuschia bud, well a very large one. Mayhap I will double the expense by buying flowers to put in it? Well eventually I probably will.


I have managed to clear all that fabric off my cutting table. The room is not perfect but it's neat enough to go back to being craftily productive- YAY.

.                                      .

So to celebrate, I put the finishing touches to my revamped(literally) espadrille mules. I thought those plain white fronts were a bit too dull and stark.

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( Sep. 20th, 2011 09:14 pm)

a portion of my fabric stash- this was evicted from the white melamine pantry cupboard wot was given to me many years ago by one of my uncles ex wives. Said white cupboard is up for grabs by the way-free for the first person to commit to come fetch it, and fetch it soon.


The shiny Victorian Gentleman's dresser, sans drawers (oo,er) just failing to fit in the space


A bit of drawer to give you an idea of the overall effect. Mr G says he will visit on Thurs to help me sort it out. I have a new idea that might magic the required extra room- may not work though. If not, there will need to be swappage with another set of drawers.



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