I'm so pleased with what I've done today that I have to write it down

-cleaned the fermenter and associated gear from the mild ale (bottled yesterday)
-labelled the bottles and got them neatly into the cupboard
-woman handled a bunch of beer cartons into more sensible arrangements
-weeded the front garden
-cut and assembled(minus hem) a simple frock out of very pretty fabric. I think it needs jazzing up but I'll sleep on that thought.
-swept down* the front of the house including both doors.
-swept down the back verandah area including both doors.
-put a coat of varnish on the back step**
-put two coats of decking oil on the old saw bench**

Hmm, I probably should have swept the floor out the back before I started with the varnish. Too late now until it dries.

*the dirt around my place is black clay and my house is painted cream. So it gets coated quite heavily with dark grey dust. The main road doesn't help matters.
**it's only taken me 8 years to get around to doing these
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( Jan. 1st, 2015 04:57 pm)
I was not willing to put all that woolen garb away until I'd done something to deter the moths.

These little amulets are inspired by the book "spotless"
a stick of cedar
a few cedar shavings
4 cloves
few drops each of lavender and eucalyptus oils

The cedar is supposed to be camphor but I couldn't face going to the shop and I had brought these wood bits home from something Papa was doing once apon a time.

I've hung these on thumb tacks so they are not touching the clothes. I can refresh them by adding more oils at intervals.

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( Nov. 5th, 2013 07:31 pm)
I’ve spent 6hrs mostly sewing today*. I feel I ought to have a dress but instead have only most of a bodice. It’s slow work dealing with floaty silk. Enjoyable though and I have time yet. I won’t get any more done this evening. I’m tired and my back has had enough sewing. I’m so not “match fit”. The tired might also have something to do with the champagne that got drunk at breakfast**

This morning I managed to not burn the house down. What I have managed is to burn out another brew heater band. Bother. That’s $100 over two dead heaters. These are just not robust enough, though they seem to be fine if not under any pressure. This time the covering towel had got tucked under the fermenter, tight against the band. Enough to cause it to over heat. Pooh. Need another solution. I suppose I’ll get a heater plate? I don’t know that there are any other options?

*well I polished 5 handbags and set dinner going in there too.

**favourite cafe had a cup sweep and I drew the 'orse wot came second. There will be free cheesecake and coffee when next I have time to get back there. Woo hoo! (and thanks to Bar Barra)
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( Sep. 15th, 2012 09:09 am)
The nice man at the Turkish shop let me change my tiny impulse buy carpets for one that is pretty much perfect for my back door/kitchen. Yay. I loves it. It will get filthy, but that's it's job, aside from being cheerful, warm, welcoming and homely. Hopefully it will also clean up ok.


I should be cooking and tidying today, but I feel like sitting quietly patchworking. Silly me. OK. plan is for lively music and a promise of a little patchworking time after I have made a couple of dishes.

The floor under my shoe racks had got badly dusty. I've been meaning for months to get in and clean it, and hadn't.........but I pay a cleaner. So this morning as part of the fortnightly whirlwind, I shifted the shoes, left the wardrobe curtains open.......and now the floor is clean and shiny!

Perhaps I shouldn't feel so clever, but i am pleased.
Last night I foolishly managed to burn my faithful old wheat bag that Mama made for me. I was a bit too keen to get it really hot. Well I had just read "The Long Winter". And I'm a bit sick so my concentration isn't what it should be.

So that was the pursuader I needed to finally made a new wheat bag. Make that some new wheat bags. Well they were so quick to make.

I started with this crushed velveteen one. Made to be a bit wider and shorter than the old one, all the better for toe warming with a similar weight of grain.


Then I decided this was the perfect opportunity to use this delightful printed velveteen scrap.


Then I thought, the old one was the perfect shape for when my back is playing up. So I remade it, only in burgundy with some decorative stitching.


I know I don't need 3, but I do have houseguests sometimes! All the fabrics are cotton. I had to keep reminding myself to not use beads or sequins. These need to survive the microwave and fairly rough handling.
So this glorious but rather strange wool has been sitting in my cupboard for some years. I bought it without a specific project in mind, just 'cause it was funky. Its a med to heavy weight, has a fantastic woven pattern that's completely reversable- but is woven with holes in! So it'd be useless for a coat, not much good as a shawl and that purple doesn't suit me anyway. The best thing I can think of is to call it a blanket for the single guest bed. Thusly I've popped a satin binding on the ends* and moved it from the fabric cupboard to the linen cupboard. It's not very wide, but I think it'd be a nice warm layer under a quilt or over another blanket.


oh and guess what? I've evicted a few bits of plastic fabric, made up this and the other recent projects- now there is room in the fabric cupboard! Hmm the fabric store still has a sale on but I shouldn't go there.

*cause it's pretty, that's what blankets have, I like stroking the satin and again, i shouldn't wear that colour. I used the same silk/cotton satin to bind the Queen of Hearts quilt.
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( Nov. 1st, 2011 07:11 am)
My stratospheric washing line. There is another of these at the other end of the yard of course. When one side is up and the wind is blowing it seems that it wants to deliver one's washing to the stratosphere.  Old fashioned, rather inconvenient to hang clothes out on but the extra running about does me no harm and it still amuses me after more than 5 yrs of using it. Also, it takes up no space in the yard while not in use- or the whole yard if one wanted to grow trees.  The pic is not current, is actually from before I took up residence.

Picture 037
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( Oct. 29th, 2011 07:15 pm)
When putting one's favourite* hat down at a party, I recommend NOT putting under an overflowing candelabra! I felt a bit targetted by the fates or something...I happened to pick the spot beneath the only candle that dripped, of the only one of five ceiling mounted candelabra that had pillar candles rather than tea lights. NOT HAPPY.


But. The two sequinned feathers were not waxed and ruined. And, after much picking, scraping and ironing into paper, the residual wax isn't hugely noticeable. AND I had been to Photios bros earlier that day to buy replacement feathers 'cause these were shedding and getting shabby. So total ruination was not the result. Whew. I've still to sort out the feathers again, but that is doable.


*lets say favourite German rennaissance hat. as opposed to all the other favourite hats in my collection.
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( Jun. 20th, 2011 05:18 pm)
-Renting a flat with a strange layout (was part of a sexy old building)
-Led me to make room divider curtains. I happened to use white cotton damask(It comes in wide, and is heavier weight than sheeting)
-Which I folded away when I moved out.
-I then moved house 4 more times
-Then made a tablecloth, later 2 aprons out of some of the damask
-In the sewing room tidy up, I found the last bits of curtain
-So I cut them up into squares
-Some boring overlocker time later and I have a dozen white cotton damask napkins
-Which I used for my first experiment with starch
-Which worked nicely, and amused me :-)



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