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( Jul. 24th, 2015 11:01 am)
Found at Rathdowne Fabrics yesterday. All at 5$/m. The black is 3m of silk voile with a fringey check. The huge brocade is ~1.2m, synthetic but slithery and lush, will probably become a curtain of some sort. The embroidered piece is ~2.5m of heavy linen. I'll be brave and wash this in the hope I can make garment/s from it. The two pale pieces were bolt ends, had to buy the whole piece.


The project list is feeling a bit silly long. So trying to pin it down a bit here.

charity hot water bottle cover, must be done by Monday
quilt cushion cover for mama, by mid Sept
quilt for little S, no special deadline but soon

brown stretch velvet short flared
same pattern (yet to be developed) in strong cream/gold linen

same or similar again in black. My old one is dying.
pieced black/grey overcoat
"viking coat" in taupe/gold wool with fancy frogging
if I like the above and the embroidered linen washes well, then same again in it.

teal wool jersey- it'd be nice to have this for Sunday! wasn't done then but is now cut
layered Aline fine wool
black embroidered cotton( summer)
blue stripe silk (summer)
and lots more brewing, choosing is hard.

couple each in fine cream and fine black for starters.

denim x2

wide leg pattern refresh
then make up in linen, lined wool, soft denim.

a few short pairs for summer

edge on red overgown
dye fine wool
lightweight 14thC gown from above if dying works
mid weight 14thC gown - for CF. Not keen on the one length I have that will do this, I have my eyes open for another
extra 14thC chemises
extra 14thC veils
more hose- for which I don't have fabric.
finish new belt-for which I need more rivets
very light striped sideless
investigate getting circlet and robust medallion plated.
find appropriate straw hat that doesn't need pinning on.
new pouch, it's about time

So in the next few days I ought tackle the hottie cover and the wool jersey frock, plus work on sourcing tiny brass rivets.  Mmm, and I'm allowed to go fabric shopping for thin wool flannel and 3m of mid weight coloured wool with a bit of drape. I have several 2m pieces that I wish were three. I wonder if two would work together in particolour? See, writing it down helped :-)
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( Mar. 20th, 2015 01:18 pm)
Woot. All the buttonholes and buttons are done. This frock still needs
-binding on the buttonhole edge*
-a bit of edge stab stitching, cuff ends at least.*


I'm so pleased with this gown that I went mad yesterday and decided I want a linen version. So I put blue dye through a length of heavy linen. That is laid out to cut now. I also dyed fabrics for garments I have planned for the Wizard. My current costuming list pre-festival looks like this:
-finish checked gown as listed above
-cut and "run up" blue gown.
-finishing on blue gown- could happen on site Just hem left
-come up with Wizard shaped patterns for tunic and trews
-make up Wizard trial garments to fitting stage

-do a fitting
-finish one set, hopefully two sets for W. Any hand finishing could happen on site too pre W arrival.
-deepen neckline on old 14thC chemise (It has been strangling me)
-make up another couple of 14thC chemises (I'm probably dreaming. I'll just wear my Flem ones if I don't get this done)
-and now I want a 14thC overgown, sigh- cut, part make, pin fit, finish machining, hand work

Of course I'm planning to take way more clothing than I need. Possibly in reaction to the extreme restrictions endured for CF

Then there is the food and other list. That's where I'm feeling stressed. I don't even want to write the list. Maybe if I do I'll feel better?
-check tabletop
-probably need to refinish the ends (again)

-find or remember macaroon recipe
-make two batches of these

-come up with two menu plans for Festival dinners (this is the real stress I think)
and now I have to redo one I think. Argh- take fettiplace and 100eggs, read on site
-consider pre game-on food (also stressful)- take pesto and dried herbs, figure it out on site
-deal with needed packing improvements- some- I've never sent everything in the truck before.
-air bedding

-Fix small coffee filter
-Oxyper sesame jar- not necessary

*to maintain my standards, sigh.

it's self inflicted. I've had an excellently busy weekend. I want to write a have-done list but haven't much arm left for the typing.

so have a gratuitous fuschia pic:


There is a plot for my front path to be transformed this week. I'm rather excited about that.
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( Sep. 18th, 2011 10:18 am)
I'm delighted to be at home and able to tackle the list of stuff what needs to be done. However the list if I wrote it would be far longer than could possibly be accomplished and thus overwhelming. It's a day for a have done list later on.

And what a lovely day to do it in


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