I wanted a dress to wear for my parents Golden Wedding celebration. I decided to use a length of panel printed silk crepe I've had for a couple of years, but was struggling to find design inspiration to turn it into a frock. Then I remembered this lovely and simple dress I found in Kelvingrove art gallery, Glasgow back in 2008. A child's dress in silk batik. Made by Jessie M. King in 1923. I think it's delightful and I spent quite a while looking at it. I came up with a plan to position the printed panels that I thought would be pleasing.


So I made it up.


I'm rather curvier than a small child, so the effect on me is not that flattering. Another trademark elegant sack? or just ugly? It is very comfy and nicely floaty though. I'm still interested in garments from simple rectangles, triangles, but they are challenging to make look good on a curvy figure. One needs a big enough circumference for the outward curves, shall we say, but then there is too much bagginess around the inward curves :-)


Like most loosely fitted things on a curvy girl, it looks better when I'm moving. Some will find these pics amusing.

.     .

Now I need to decide if this acceptable? or simply too dowdy and I need to think again?
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( Mar. 31st, 2016 10:37 am)


-Made a mouse guard pouch, four gold tassels for Miriam and fourteen red wool buttons for William.
-thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my people, but left craving more. I really must do that drive to Siddly and CF next year is feeling more likely.
-loved the good news of dear friends being recognised for their awesomeness.
-did my duty in getting to the LPT (which I love anyway), the Laurel meeting, the Rose tea (which was more fun and inclusive than I feared) and did two gate shifts (which involved hanging out with mostly people I like, with the bonus of meeting a nice dude too)
-sang in Greg's LPT entry, which was one of the most solidly successful SCA singing performance I've been involved with. Hurrah. A skillful team and enough rehearsals for the win. The Exultate we did for midwinter a few years back might equal it?
-was far too grumpy at the beginning. I blame the quartet of my inner control freak, neat freak, anxiety monkey and hormones. I must remember this is likely to happen every time and cope with it better, or not go.
-Cooked some good stuff including the two curries I made for pre game- best I've ever done. The bresaola came out better than ever too, such that one lady said she now wants to marry me :-)

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( Oct. 1st, 2015 04:08 pm)
Pale pretty pink silk satin. Bought for only $3/m because it had a water stain about 30cm up from one end of the bolt, which happily mostly washed out. So $6 for the fabric, about $5 for matching silk thread and something less than a day's work. It's my choice to do this rather than pay ~$100 for a shop bought one. Plus this one has the extra bonus of fitting me.

No I shan't post a pic of this one on :-)

I will say that silk satin is easier to sew than one might think. Much easier than synthetics, easier than rayon. I'll also note that sewing the side seams has exposed that I need to sharpen the cutting knives on my overlocker.

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( Sep. 14th, 2015 09:21 am)
Finito. A done thing.

I'm really pleased with it in general. Of course there are things I would do differently now, there almost always are.

The main fabric is that strong linen I've been going on about. It really is different from the linen i am used to. I got it at the Fabric Store, and they even still had some last time I was there. I probably paid about $20/m (including 30% off, those sales are when I mostly shop there!)for 2m of 150cm wide. The lining is more regular linen, bought cheaply from Eliza's. The buttons are vintage shell, all different but the same size.

The pattern is my own invention. 14 years ago I took toile fabric and made a pattern for my old Durer coat. Earlier this winter I used that as the starting shape for the salmon duffle coat. Then I further converted that pattern into the one I used for the grey and gold overcoat. Now I've slimmed that down to produce the pattern for this. So from flat fabric, via 3 intermediate garments, I have made a "proper" jacket pattern. Two part curved sleeves and all.

pretty much bag lined, which seems fine for the body. The sleeves are where I'm not happy. I stuffed up when cutting and failed to add on hem allowance. Actually I stuffed up when finalising the grey jacket pattern by not putting said hem allowance on the pattern, now done. So I bag lined the sleeve so I could use a tiny 5mm seam at the cuff. Not ideal as the lining is already dropping a bit despite the ditch stitching I've put on the vertical sleeve seams. I should have added a proper hem from the main fabric. Probably should have lined it in slithery stuff too. Ah well. There is light weight iron on interfacing in the upper collar, front edge of the body lining and hem. I taped the roll line (woot, tailoring talk) to combat the bias drape on the main fabric. The collar and shoulder seams are ditch stitched by hand. The pockets are fully lined patch pockets sewn on by hand prick stitching, top seam is taped.

. .

. .

Yes the sleeve cap has a few wrinkles when my arms are down. This is because they are patterned to sit properly at more like hands on hip position, which is really done to give me a full range of arm movement. I'd rather have a few wrinkles when standing straight so that I can drive, type, do whatever comfortably.

IMG_5874-2 IMG_5890-1 .
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( Sep. 5th, 2015 04:15 pm)
It has been pointed out to me that I haven't shared pictures of the finished flower blanket. Well I did, but only in this carefully laid out form on the spinners and knitters list. So here it is. It is working for me really well. It's very warm and snuggly.


couple more pics )
between them have made for a quieter week in the Makkinschtuff department. I have managed to:

-construct the teal jersey frock
-sew all the flower foursomes together
-since the pic below I've also sewn about 2/3 of the border onto the flower blanket. Now I need to knit a hand span more border before I can finish this. A nice lurgy recovery couch activity.
-come up with a design outline and measurements for little S's quilt. I look forward to choosing the fabrics for this.
-receive rivet order, find that one lot was not what I ordered, arrange for that to be fixed.



other Makkinschtuff related activities:
-I've given a tablet weaving lesson to Dr Q
-Dr Q has given me crochet lessons. Yay. I've tried to learn before without success. So crochet practice has been added to my project list.
-The cutting table has been recombobulated into it's bed form and back again. Now it's all clear and neat and begging to be covered with fabric.

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( Aug. 5th, 2015 05:53 pm)
What has happened in the Montjoye Makkinschtuff department since last week?

My old Durer coat pattern that was tweaked into the duffle coat pattern, has been taken and even more seriously tweaked into this shaped coat below. I added shaping seams front and back and took in the sides, as well as reworking the sleeves into a classic two part suit form and converting the collar. This has given a shaped but loose fitting overcoat pattern. This coat has taken the place of the "pieced grey/black coat" from the previous list. Next step is to take this pattern in again to make a few neat little jackets. (yes this has been on FB but posting here is better for posterity)

. more pics )

I've also:
-made the hot water bottle cover and delivered it (pic below). The charity exhibition/competition/sale opens on Sunday. I mean to go along and see what other entrants have come up with. Should be amusing. This is built from my first ever piece of quilting, done as a sample before I embarked on a bed sized quilt, and that had been living in the cupboard for about 10 years.
-done the tablet woven edge on the red 14thC overgown
-aquired hose (hosen, as in medjeeval socks) fabric
-refreshed my hose pattern and cut a trial pair
-cut the teal wool jersey frock
-finished sewing together the lacy knitted flowers, laid them out for the blanket arrangement and begun sewing the flower foursomes together.

even more pics )

The silly patent laces in these shoes have finally been replaced. By hand made 3 loop braids. Maybe I should get out more. I haven't been wearing them, cause I was silly and threw out the horrid laces before I had replaced them. Now I can see how they go.

Yesterday, my fingernails were still startlingly turquoise from NYE silliness. This got me to thinking, as I had several times recently, that I'd quite like a bit of turquoise jewellery. I thought I might still have some turquoise beads left from the bead madness of several years ago. It turned out that I did!  So a couple of pleasant hours later, I had a few new bracelets:

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( Jul. 10th, 2011 04:28 pm)
I found a low energy requirement task for this arvo as an alternative to the things I haven't got the ergs to undertake. After a very pleasant brunch with J+D*. I got inspired to make up the pink pearls that I think will look lovely with my new winter dress**. Then I got mildly carried away and made up a couple of other things as well. Some hours later we have:


and... )

I think i bought these crazy toothy pearls from Celsa in January? Very fun. They may have to wait until summer for the wearing. They took more work than usual to sort and arrange before stringing. I'm not yet convinced they will behave on my neck***.

I'm so pleased to have found a source for precious metal findings. It makes my efforts feel like real jewellery. All those gold bits are either 9ct or some form of plate. Not cheap though! Perfectly accessible per item but treat them like packets of base metal and the total racks up very fast. Makes one consider what one really wants/needs/will actually use.

Also, hurrah for our affordable local source(s) of imported semi precious beads. All of which I had in stash

I am so enjoying my new camera. Pale shiny things still take some effort but there is no way I could have taken these shots with my old camera. I might have found the white balance dial? Ruddy thing doesn't have a hard copy manual that goes much beyond how to install the battery (which I must recharge at some point). I shall have to work out where the electronic version is hiding.

* they were very kind, came over to my side of town and picked my feeble, slightly ill self up
** which is coloured black, brown and pale shell pink.
*** in the flippy sense, not the biting sense :-)


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