1 point something kilo of pork shoulder roast. Allow to come to room temp for an hour or so before putting in the oven. Score the skin deeply and rub in half a teaspoon of salt.

par grind 1 teaspoon each of fennel and caraway seeds.
mix with half a teaspoon of salt, the finely grated rind of a lemon and enough lemon juice to form a paste.
Spread this paste over the non skin parts of the meat. (can do this the day before, but just before the oven is fine)

Place meat, skin side up, in a covered casserole dish*. Add 1 cup of white wine (or cider, water, stock). Bake at 160C for 3hrs. Remove lid, turn heat up to 180C. Bake for a further 1hr. Keep an eye on it so the liquid reduces but doesn't dry out completely. Meat should be falling apart, you will have cracking if you are lucky and good gravy under the fat of the liquid.

(was served with jacket potatoes, roast pumpkin cubes and pan fried green beans)

*can use foil over a regular roasting pan. I used an enamelled cast iron pot because I've got one.

I've a version of this in the oven now (early Aug) with lemon rind/thyme/lemon thyme/salt as the rub. Larger piece of meat. I think the one about was about 1.2kg. This is 1.6kg. Heat the pot with a little oil in but no pre browning as such. Just put the meat in the hot oil, add wine, then into a 160C oven at 2:30pm. (preheating to reduce oven cooking time but I still added about 30min to the method above).


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( Mar. 9th, 2017 12:51 pm)
Festival salt meats are in their cures. It's 5 weeks to game on.

730g eye fillet (after trimming). This is my standard recipe. From:

100g salt
100g white sugar
5g Prague power #2
5g peppercorns}
3ish g fresh rosemary leaves}
3g juniper berries} ground in coffee grinder with a little of the salt

Reserve half the mix
Rub other half into meat
Seal in zip lock bag- fridge for a week, turn daily
Dry off meat, rub in other half of cure, repeat the week of fridge+turning.
Quick water rinse, dry. Vinegar rinse (I put vinegar in a small bowl and use a cloth to pat it on the meat), dry off again, weigh and record.
Tie, wrap and hang as per link until 30% weight lost. (I invert it every few days in the first week. If the cloth gets wet, change it).
Slice thinly and eat- with olive oil and lemon juice is recommended.

I think this was 600g when hung?
at 2weeks ish drying 450g wrapped. so 25% of weight lost. Theoretical end weight 420g?  this calculates out to ~$71/kg. Ouch. I'll use a cheaper cut of meat next year.

Salt pork
- experiment based on bresaola recipe. I usually just pack it in lots of salt. Trying for a more elegant product, but still an air dried one.

900g pork belly, without skin or bones.
150g salt
55g  dark brown sugar
5g Prague power #2
5g peppercorns}
leaves from large sprig of thyme} ground in coffee grinder with a little of the salt

Same method as above.
I think that after festival, I'll do another piece of pork belly with even ratio salt/sugar and see how that works. The previous pancetta recipe I tried, failed for me but used way less cure.

at 2weeks ish drying 625g wrapped. Say 583g if another 5% lost. ~$36/kg.
Neither of these costs accounts for the meat weight that needs to be purchased and isn't used for the salt meat.

Both are now (22nd March) out of their cures, rinsed, vinegar washed, dried, wrapped and hung to dry. Looking good so far. Bresaola was 600g straight out of the cure.

to think about for next time:
"the number of days the ham will be salted is 2.5 times it's weight in pounds" -research by watching River Cottage :-)
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( Mar. 2nd, 2016 12:55 pm)


All put into cure two weeks ago, or 5 weeks before game on

800g eye fillet

100g salt
100g sugar
5g Prague power #2
5g peppercorns}
large sprig fresh rosemary-leaves stripped}
4g juniper berries} ground in coffee grinder with a little of the salt

Reserve half the mix
Rub other half into meat
Seal in bag- fridge for a week, turn daily
Dry off meat, rub in other half of cure, repeat the week of fridge+turning.
Quick water rinse, dry. Vinegar rinse, dry off again, weigh and record.
Tie, wrap and hang as per link until 30% weight lost.
Slice thinly and eat- with olive oil and lemon juice is recommended.


Salt pork
~1kg pork belly, preferrably with skin removed by a good butcher. (turn that into crackling and try not to eat all at once)
pack pork in salt (in ziplock bag is easiest). Fridge for a week, turn daily
Drain off liquid, add more salt. Fridge for a week, turn daily
Quick water rinse, dry. Vinegar rinse, dry off again, weigh and record.
Rub a mix of ground pepper, cinnamon and cloves in the surface
wrap, tie and hang.

This year the pork is in three pieces because the butcher was crap. Not using these people again for meat to be preserved. Fingers crossed the smaller pieces still work.

Weights- I forgot again and these are with cloth, ties and clips
Bresaola- 610g
Pork - 500g, 375g, 125g.

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( Sep. 13th, 2013 01:57 pm)
I'm sad to have grade myself a C minus for this year's charcuterie efforts. These slices of bresaola look nice and taste pretty good. However the bulk of the bresaola has bits of both white and green mould on the surface. I left it too long it lost 43% of it's post cure weight rather than the target 30%. what caused the mould I don't know.

The pancetta fared even worse. Both the loin and the roll aquired three colours of miuld with bonus slime. Needless to say, these have been binned.

I plan to trim, slice and freeze the bresaola. I still have about half the bacon frozen too. So I have salvaged something from the exercise.

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( Aug. 24th, 2013 02:06 pm)
The big slab of bacon was washed, dried and rolled on Thursday night (22 Aug). Yesterday morning I popped it in the freezer. By the time I needed to deal with it before going out*, it wasn't quite frozen enough. So I made a fairly chunky job of cutting it. There is a bunch of approx 5mm slices in the fridge, the rest is in ~2cm slices which I have frozen. Jolly hard work to cut! it's the skin that makes it difficult, so the other pieces should be much easier.

Today I cooked up a small piece and ate it with my lunch. It tastes pretty good. A bit salty, gamier and tougher than shop bought bacon. I don't much like the smell before cooking- a combo of sweet dark brown sugar with that heavy piggy smell. Cooked though, it smells great.

pics )
*which I shouldn't really have done, but I did, so there.

Further diarising the ongoing nefarious piggy preserving adventures.

Timing of this next lot is partly due to a busy week and having been away all weekend. Partly that I wasn’t convinced the pancetta was ready to move on last week. Partly that the bacon and bresaola recipes said 2 weeks anyway. So what has been done now? (they have all been turned approx. daily in the intervening time)

Bacon: Pull out of the bag, pat dry enough to prevent dripping. Place on large rack in fridge. In a couple of days this will be washed down, dried off, rolled and tied, par-frozen. Then I can attempt to slice it…. and cook some to try it!

Bresaola: At the one week mark it was taken from the bag, patted dry, redressed with reserved cure and popped back in the bag. Today it was rinsed quickly and dried off. Then rolled in a mix of pepper, cinnamon and cloves, tied, wrapped in muslin, weighed and hung. (880g). This one definitely feels like it is cured, the meat is quite firm.

Loin- was patted dry and put on a rack in the fridge
Flat section- was rinsed, dried, a light amount of ground pepper put on all sides, rolled tightly and tied, wrapped in muslin, weighed and hung (1.6kg). This is very lean. If we took the skin off, the fat came with. Not ideal.

Both pancetta pieces were softer than the bresaola. Not really surprising given they had less cure mix. However I hacked a gobbet off the flat piece so that I could roll it better (ya, should have done that before the cure went on). Anyway, the cut section had changed texture all the way through, which is reassuring. It looked and felt like cured meat to me.

I’m interested that so little salt was needed for all this, far less volume of cure than I expected. I’m jolly curious as to how they all turn out. Also contemplating the acquisition of a meat slicer- or does one of you lovely lot already have one?

slightly gruesome pics )
Mrsbrown, MsNotagoth and I put vast amounts of pig into various cures tonight. If all goes well, we will have ginormous quantities of bacon, pancetta and a pork version of bresaola. Maybe more words later when I'm not so shattered tired.

We concluded that if there is a next time, we should mix up the cures in advance.

I'm off to put the piggy cloths in to wash. Good night.



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( Jul. 1st, 2012 01:20 pm)
It's a nervous thing to have multiple people relying on one's 'speriments for their dinner.

I'm writing this down in case it works marvellously and we want to repeat it. Or if it flops I'll have a reference for what didn't work. Fingers crossed for the former.

2 granny smith apples, peel core, large dice
half head celery - 1cm slices
1 head fennel- coarsely chopped
pop half the above into a large greased lidded pot

large lump o' weaver's pork. possibly a rib roast- shoulder actually. we need to label better next time
-brown in little olive oil
put meat on vege bed in pot
put rest veg around meat

deglaze pan with 1 stubbie "Son of Jethro" cider (still very acid for the record)
add ~250ml chutney made from Ali's apricots(plus lemon, spices etc)
add 1 pig spoon of salt, goodly grind of black pepper
pour over meat and veg

150deg oven- intending 4hrs or so

It got 4.5hrs, was deemed yummy. We ended up taking the meat off the bone once cooked, chopping it up and returning to the veges. So more like a stew in the end, but not quite. Good flavour. Strangely both sharp and rich at the same time.



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