The quilt top is finished! I like it and R+N like it. Hurrah.

I spent ages perfecting the arrangement of the blocks, but this isn't that arrangement. I stuffed up twice when sewing the blocks together and did more rearranging on the run to avoid unpicking. It's still ok, and the bits that annoy me probably won't annoy others.

The log cabin design was a lot more fun to put together than I ever guessed it would be. I suspect I'll be doing another one sometime!

I ran off and bought fabric to back it yesterday, having decided I had nothing suitable in stash. I had acceptable fabric weight and colours but a quilt that will go on the floor is better with a patterned backing so the dirt doesn't show so much. Actually, the strips of backing left after a quilt is finished have been a significant part of my patchwork stash. I've even cut and pieced bindings for this.


However, this quilting has to wait until I've done the quilting on Mama's silk cushion, which has been all ready to go for several days now.
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( Aug. 5th, 2015 05:53 pm)
What has happened in the Montjoye Makkinschtuff department since last week?

My old Durer coat pattern that was tweaked into the duffle coat pattern, has been taken and even more seriously tweaked into this shaped coat below. I added shaping seams front and back and took in the sides, as well as reworking the sleeves into a classic two part suit form and converting the collar. This has given a shaped but loose fitting overcoat pattern. This coat has taken the place of the "pieced grey/black coat" from the previous list. Next step is to take this pattern in again to make a few neat little jackets. (yes this has been on FB but posting here is better for posterity)

. more pics )

I've also:
-made the hot water bottle cover and delivered it (pic below). The charity exhibition/competition/sale opens on Sunday. I mean to go along and see what other entrants have come up with. Should be amusing. This is built from my first ever piece of quilting, done as a sample before I embarked on a bed sized quilt, and that had been living in the cupboard for about 10 years.
-done the tablet woven edge on the red 14thC overgown
-aquired hose (hosen, as in medjeeval socks) fabric
-refreshed my hose pattern and cut a trial pair
-cut the teal wool jersey frock
-finished sewing together the lacy knitted flowers, laid them out for the blanket arrangement and begun sewing the flower foursomes together.

even more pics )
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( Aug. 13th, 2014 10:12 am)
Yay, it's finished! Madly bright and a fairly mad amount of work. I love it.


a picture story )
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( Jul. 5th, 2013 09:26 pm)
I finished this late on Wednesday night and took it around to the intended recipients last night. They seemed to like it which of course pleases me. This was made for little Miss L and her parents R and N. The design was intended to appeal to the new Papa. My feeling was that anything too tasteful or arty would not have been well received. Thankfully new Mama also likes it.

Three lovely peeps answered my call for fun animal fabric: Hometime, Kilian and 10B. Thank you! It wouldn't have been so marvellously mad without your contributions. Anything simply geometrically patterned is from my stash, plus the two embroidered patches which are cut from swiss cotton children's handkerchiefs.

After receiving all the donated fabrics, two rough colour themes emerged. There were a bunch of red based fabric and another bunch of pale and cool colours. So I augmented them from my stash and checkerboarded the lot. I wanted some organisation to the chaos but It needed to be simple to keep the construction time down. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.




*   "Amiloo" is the word I used before (and for a fair while after) I could manage to pronounce "animal". 

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( Jun. 8th, 2013 06:19 pm)

I drove out today to meet little Miss A and give the quilt I made for her. And of course visit with her dear Mama. So now that this is living with it's intended recipient, I can show the rest of you.  I really enjoyed making this. The whole project flew! it was done in about 4 weeks, with a week off in the middle when I was away.


Catchmyfancy, I used two of your fabrics, can you see?

detail pic )
For 12th night, a scrap of wool fabric and some freezer bricks worked fairly well to keep my beer cool. But arranging the wool was awkward. So, though not exactly medieval, here is a more elegant and hopefully functional version. Two layers of dark navy wool gaberdine with wool batting between, quilted together by hand with silk, 'cause i could. All from stash.  It is sized to fit neatly inside my feast box. It takes up much of the box but is squishy so the ratio of beer to other stuff I can carry is fairly flexible.

and in situ )
Is a finished thing! I get to sleep under it tonight and everything. Cool blue for sky and sky on sea, White for clouds and wave tops, sandy colours, a little grey and green for yet more clouds and sea. There are even some gentle coral blush tones for sunsets and shells.


stages and more pics )

I really like how this has turned out. Misty lack of colour contrast works in this context. I do though need to consider greater contrast if I want to bring the piecing pattern out more.

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( Nov. 3rd, 2012 10:06 am)
Thanks for your input, all 5 of you.
There were two votes for simple concentricness, two for waves, one for cloud+wave+sun.

I couldn't draw a cloud I was happy with and they seemed messy against the piecing anyway. So the plan, after mulling over it all week, will be a sun with radiating rays,  angled to match the seam lines. There will be waves, but only in the border. So I get to do a bit of intricate work on the face, but most of it is very simple so should not take too long to quilt.

I can even start on it tonight with my new hoop! Hopefully 14" will be more comfortable to work with than 18".  I might even start tonight accompanied by my newly aquired Miss Fisher DVDs!

.  .
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( Sep. 27th, 2012 09:39 pm)
40 little seams sewn. 22 pressed. Check, pause, recheck, some swearing. 20 little seams unpicked, resewn and pressed.

all while listening to glorious music and aiming for calm thoughts.
I've been tired and out of sorts today. Afflicted by lack of sleep, hayfever, sore muscles and brain overload. I did such a good job of fitting lots of things into yesterday that I ran out of energy to deal with today. After I decided mid afternoon to NOT find some excursion to fill the time before a concert tonight- I felt much better. I wished I had a brain-dead project to work on, then realised I've been saving the shirt quilt piecing for just such a state- except I thought that would be after work and not on a holiday afternoon. So, even rather brain dead I've managed to achieve something this afternoon.

I also feel improved after having realised I was cold and taking steps to fix that. See, I'm not very bright today. It was 13.9C in the house and 8.6deg outside at about 2pm!

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( Jun. 12th, 2012 08:48 pm)
My long term readers might remember this design . I made the quilt top more than three years ago. Originally it was designed for my nephew but my brother upset me so thoroughly over it that it got folded away and not touched until a few months ago.  Then I found out there was another baby about to appear in my circle, who would probably appreciate a hand made quilt, or at least his parents would. So... the new inspiration and purpose caused the finishment of said quilt for baby Aengus! I hope it keeps him warm and happy. It certainly makes me feel good to have it finished and given and hopefully used.


details )
Meet my new bit of patchwork. It's entirey silk except for one piece. It's also entirely made from scrap, cabbage, leftovers. Mostly it's cabbage from my sewing. Some of it is scrap from other people's sewing including one bit that came from reverse garbage. Original garments that provided said cabbage- 3 bridesmaids dresses, a corset, a waistcoat, two silk slips, lining for an embroidered jacket and 3 medieval gowns.

I should maybe have been doing something else with this morning but this has captured my attention and I really wanted to finish it.


Though it's not really finished yet. It's pieced but it still needs:
- the papers taken out
-layering up
-making up into a cushion cover (unless I change my mind)
-a cushion made to it's measurements.

Anyway. I love it and mean to do more. I've loved the process and I have plenty more silk scrap!

update- if I continue with the cushion plan- I could nick the innards of my old heraldic one- its the same size

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( Jan. 27th, 2012 04:42 pm)
Arrghh. I'm supposed to be making garments (well I did just make two) but now I have quilts crowding my brain and project list.

-Mama's one is all ready to quilt
-I've just remembered I have another quilt top done and stored- and there is now a good home for that.
-I've also now refined what I mean to do for my own next quilt. This one has been brewing in the back of my head for quite some time. It's now jelled after being handed a bunch of slightly ex business shirts.... What a great source of fabric!!! The good ones are really beautiful quality cotton and tend to get retired when the collar and cuffs are a bit shabby. The rest of the shirt is generally just fine. I think this little selection will make a truly lovely cool summer quilt. Now I'm pondering the acceptability of asking my better dressed colleagues for their old shirts. It'd be great! but I don't think that would be seen to be quite the thing, bother. Oh- and my other thought is that after a fitted sheet wears out- the remaining top sheet would make excellent quilt backing.


So I have two to quilt and one ready to go when I next get taken by the urge to sew little bits of fabric together.

Development of the second two projects results partly from needing to kill time while the drill battery recharges for yet another project.

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( Dec. 31st, 2011 06:59 am)
I'm belatedly catching up on posting here a couple of completed projects. I find I use DW/LJ as an actual journal as well as a forum to publish to my friends. So sorry if you're bored cause you've seen these images before.

This is the finished quilt top for Mama, and her Christmas present. It's also now layered up and basted ready to quilt- which activity needs to wait for cooler weather. It's a bit busy, but note it is designed to see each band of three main blocks separately and never both ends at once. Though it isn't completely ugly spread out like this. The intention is to use it over a blanket box, but it could be used on the foot of a bed or as a lounge rug, or hanging I suppose.

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( May. 5th, 2011 10:04 pm)
the lovely J usefully gave me a panic by pointing out that Mother's day is this coming weekend! (This was last Sat) Thusly I rapidly put together the next installments in the Mama quilt. Mama has just received them so now I am allowed to post. The little embroidered bird was done years ago by my grandmother, Mama's mother, otherwise known as Nan.

IMG_2783 IMG_2780

and here are the blocks so far roughly assembled. Only one block missing! Oh and I had intended the sashing intersections to have squares of a different colour. Need to sort that yet.
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( Jan. 9th, 2011 09:54 am)
These little beauties (if I do say so myself) form the latest block for the Mama quilt. I'm really pleased with these fleurs, drew them myself even. Mama has expressed a fancy to have the whole shebang finished for her 70th. I think that is a laudable and achievable aim. Only three blocks to go if you don't count my own fancy to make extra pretties with the sash intersection squares.


In other news: 
-I managed to drag myself out of bed at approx work-o'clock - to try to prevent the feeling like death thing tomorrow.
-suitcase is mended !
-pics are hung on newly aquired moulding hooks.
-so haven't finished unpacking.



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