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( Mar. 7th, 2016 02:17 pm)
With my hips sore after a 2hr walking/shopping trip, I was motivated to get to the mattress enhancement project on my festival list. I have a rope bed, with a half thickness cotton futon and a feather topper. All home made, which is nice and all but this rig leaves me tossing and turning with sore hips after a night or so.

those two lumps of foam are latex mattress offcuts I got at Reverse Garbage a couple of years ago. Dr Nik helped me lug them and compress them so I could get them home in my suitcase. I had visions of making a mattress topper with the thick piece, but of course there is less of it than I had imagined. I could possibly achieve this anyway if I could manage to cut it in three pieces horizontally. Rather a job. Apparently electric carving knives are the best way to cut this stuff, and I don't have one. So... in the short term, I decided to make a small pad for the hip zone out of the thin topping strip.


I cut that in three and encased it in some left over cotton canvas, which some might recognise from an ill conceived attempt to cover the BBQ shelters at Tara.


I quilted it very coarsely by hand to prevent the pieces shifting, and sewed down the edges of the canvas on the machine. Voila! I hope this is a bit more comfy. I will find out rather soon. It could hardly be worse.


And yeeess. This is a single mattress. It fits better in my tent than a wide bed dammit.
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( Aug. 13th, 2014 10:12 am)
Yay, it's finished! Madly bright and a fairly mad amount of work. I love it.


a picture story )
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( Apr. 6th, 2013 06:22 pm)
I bought a new dome tent a little over a year ago. It's case was ambitiously small. Given the tent fit in there when I bought it, it ought to have been possible to get it back in there. This has not been proven true in reality. So I rolled the tent comfortably, and made a new bag to put it in, entirely from stash and recycled bits. Hurrah. The bright blue and yellow ripstop are leftovers from a similar project for my sleeping bag years ago, so they will even look nice together, regardless of the tent itself being bright green.

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( Feb. 11th, 2013 09:59 pm)

New shirt from the house of Montjoye. First 'proper' or 'business' shirt I've made in years. Good to see I still remember all the construction steps without reference to instructions, including the sleeve plackets which I used to find rather confusing.

The main shirt fabric went through the same dye remover bath as the tumeric dress. Those stripes were dark chocolate. This golden colour is better on me. The patterned undercollar etc is cut from a favourite old too-small garment. Buttons are vintage shell.

This is the latest version of my old favourite shirt pattern that I orginally copied from a Country Road shirt. It's been tweaked many times since. This time I added bust and back darts, widened by 1cm across all back pieces and made the collar narrower.

I've just cut another in a fine blue check linen/cotton. That has reshaped side seams, narrow cuffs and is 1.5cm shorter. Note to self that I haven't preserved the back widening in the pattern.

.       .

Meet my new bit of patchwork. It's entirey silk except for one piece. It's also entirely made from scrap, cabbage, leftovers. Mostly it's cabbage from my sewing. Some of it is scrap from other people's sewing including one bit that came from reverse garbage. Original garments that provided said cabbage- 3 bridesmaids dresses, a corset, a waistcoat, two silk slips, lining for an embroidered jacket and 3 medieval gowns.

I should maybe have been doing something else with this morning but this has captured my attention and I really wanted to finish it.


Though it's not really finished yet. It's pieced but it still needs:
- the papers taken out
-layering up
-making up into a cushion cover (unless I change my mind)
-a cushion made to it's measurements.

Anyway. I love it and mean to do more. I've loved the process and I have plenty more silk scrap!

update- if I continue with the cushion plan- I could nick the innards of my old heraldic one- its the same size



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