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( Jun. 20th, 2016 05:57 pm)
reposting here for better findability.

I think it’s time. I’m going to have a bit of a holiday from the SCA. I have not been having a good time at standard SCA events with fighting+court+feast+lots of people(all of whom I’m supposed to know and interact with) or any combination of the above really. All of those things distress me in various ways. I’ve been feeling this way for quite some years but forcing myself to go to events because I think I ought, feeling like a fish out of water and not having a good time. So I’m going to try having a break before I burn out the remainder of my enthusiasm. I still love making things, knowing other people who make things, wonderfully crazy people, dressing up etc, but it’s hard to be involved in those things without large helpings of the rest.

I will still attend Polit university. A&S is cool, I’m booked, and anyway, I’m teaching. I will still make things, some of them might even be medjeeval. I think I will otherwise plan to stay away until Canty Faire (flights already booked). If I have a good time there I will likely come to festival. The very large events actually work better for me, I’m more able to find a safe corner and mostly avoid the things I’m not coping with. After that we will see.

Of course I might miss it and attend anyway, but I’d rather come when I’m not expected than feel I’m expected to go. We will see.
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( Oct. 30th, 2013 04:53 pm)
Well maybe I am, but don't assume this simply based on my lack of FB response. My FB has been broken since mid morning. I can see posts and a few other pages,  but not interact. I can't see comments, post comments, post status, alter settings, or even submit a fault report! I've rebooted, logged off and back in, but no banana. It's not just the gossip, it's become a communication tool. Sigh.

I'm so grateful I could work at home today. I had brain exhaustion this morning. Strangely, I managed to do quite some pieces of work  and I feel improved this evening. I carefully didn't try to do anything really complex, even contemplating that was making my head hurt. I'd better be up for some tomorrow though!

I have lots of post topics lined up- saucepans, beer, troosers, sca thoughts. Maybe later. When I can find both time and sufficient brain.

The ginger mead is still fermenting. At the three week mark today it tested at 1.008 density. It tastes pretty yummy. Honey, lemon and ginger all evident


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