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( Aug. 18th, 2015 05:06 pm)
Montjoye vs the Lurgy day#14

I'm much improved but still not right. Head and lung stuffedness is only minimal but energy levels are not what they should be.  However, having decided I'm well enough for public consumption, I've been out and about a bit the last two days. Only minor shopping and craft hall last night, but in between I've got all enthused about food.  I lose cooking mojo when I'm sick. Combined with the loss of energy, and the avoidance of contagion, I tend to eat out of pre prepared stocks while ill. In addition, I'd had another incidence of getting up to find the freezer had been open all night a few weeks back. More reason to focus on working down existing stocks. So the fridge and freezer were looking pretty bare.

So I've bought a bunch of food and am cooking up a storm. Yesterday I defrosted the depleted freezer too, so the new food has a tidy and spacious as possible place to go. So far I've made:
-ham stock
-pumpkin soup with part of the ham stock(roast the veg with allspice and the little ham meat included)
-two apricot loaves from the apricot pulp defrosted several days earlier, but not cooked due to lurgy. One got demolished last night at crafthall. I hope TJ doesn't suffer from his enthusiastic consumption of about half the cake!
-bircher muesli

In progress is:
-chicken stock
-bolognese sauce
-pork chops marinading in soy etc

Soon I need to:
-finish the pork chops
-cook lamb chops and roast mediteranean veg
-make various things out of the 4kg of lemons from my neighbours
-make sorrel and potato soup (I have potatoes that are beginning to sprout)
as well as the usual "keep an eye on the fridge and find uses for what needs to be used"

Now though I've done a bit much today and am feeling a bit wobbly. I shall commune with the couch and recoup energy for tomorrow's cooking adventures.
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( Aug. 15th, 2015 11:55 am)
11th day of lurgy and it's eaten my design brain for the moment. I covered the cutting table with fabric but I can't quite get a plan together. I can manage the beginning of an idea but I'm not up for assembling and weighing all the options. So I'm mending and altering things instead.

Yesterday I shortened two new pairs of jeans (bought at less than half price of course) and applied my fit fix to three pairs. It's not a quick fix, took me all morning to do these but it turns jeans that sort of fit into ones that fit really quite well. On me anyway.


Today I'm being even braver. This is a linen jumper I bought heavily reduced a couple of years ago. It's lovely but I haven't been wearing it because the sleeves were way too long, and because the fabric is so slithery, they wouldn't stay either rolled or pushed up. So I've hacked off the ends, opened the seam, unravelled a bit and I'm reknitting a new cuff. A longer rib to match the original would look better but I was afraid of irretreivably tangling the unravelled ends, hence the short cuff. I've still got one cuff to knit and the seams to sew up, then I will finally have a wearable thing.

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( Mar. 15th, 2015 03:48 pm)
Being home alone while sick is dull. I suppose having multiple childer to look after would be worse so I perhaps I should be thankful. I must be getting better though, I haven't napped today. Congestion is reduced but the woogly wankle is still present. I spent a few minutes cutting back the oregano and came over all thing.

I got through all of yesterday's list except this hem binding which flowed over to today. Nearly all of it could be done sitting down, which is just as well, particularly the 4m of handsewing which I did while watching a few eps of " ....Green Valley". It looks so neat!  It ought be just a plain hem, but I did that and the facing I used fell apart plus the loose woven pink wool wasn't coping well either. This should work better. Poetically the black binding is cut of cabbage from the "negative frock"- the pink trimmed black Durer gown.

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( Mar. 24th, 2013 08:54 am)
Having discovered the marvellous convenience of a chamber pot at festival, and not wanting to use the tinkly tin one, I decided that whatever the opshop had on offer would just have to do.  I had fun painting it up. It was terribly tempting to turn the existing design into a face, I'm rather wishing now that I had, but then I'd be peeing into the head of a mustachioed chap who would be looking up my skirts. Ew or rather fun? Too late anyway, I've just set the paint.

. .

Still sick, actually sicker, and so not happy about it. Need to be well pronto
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( Mar. 18th, 2013 07:56 pm)
Last stitches went in my new chemise today. These few bits of linen are the extent of my new garb for festi, and they are all pretty much identical to ones I already have. Sigh. No frocking excitement for Montjoye. I sure hope my food and beer adventures are successful.



And seeing as three posts is my daily limit- I shall also report that I am sick. Just a lurgy I think but one with bonus fever currently. I shall try to get the fermenter washed and then it's back to the couch for me.
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( Jul. 11th, 2011 08:33 pm)
I'm feeling more sick and repeatedly asking my usual internet sources for something appealing. So in case you are too, here is a cheerful pic of some chinese lanterns- or abutilon plant. I have two. They are inconveniently fast growing but rather upliftingly bright at this grey time of year.

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( Jun. 15th, 2011 08:44 pm)
of shiny! This is an opshop find from last week. $12 for 3.5m of .74m wide heavy satin brocade, never used but does have a few marks. I'm guessing it's quite old. Not silk but rayon. this is actually a good thing. Rayon satin is in my opinion, the most luxurious fabric for a summer robe. I had one in pale gold with dragons on that I wore to death. I've never found anything like the fabric again- until now. Silk is lovely but too hot for those of us with circulations- and less washable. I confess I'm a bit nervous about washing this though.


Isn't the detail intricate! There is a strange and varied combination of floral and foliate motifs. Roses, bamboo, cherry blossom, fir, tulips. All on the palest blue satin ground.

Also a different kind of sick. Yesterday I thought I was almost well. Today I'm clogged and coughing. Came home from work feeling woozy at lunchtime and have been taking in some quality couch time while mainlining time team episodes. It's a worry 'cause I'm supposed to be hosting Dr Q from tomorrow night.



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