There are several 14thC finds that seem to be garment fragments with tablet woven edges illustrated and described in the Museum of London book “Textiles and Clothing- Medieval finds from excavations in London”, by Elisabeth Crowfoot, Frances Pritchard and Kay Staniland. 4 of these fragments have tablet woven edges and no buttonholes, another 4 fragments have the woven edges plus buttonholes. I'm not going to place pictures here for copyright reasons, but here is a link to "the sleeve" which has the edging in question down the buttonhole side.

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SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveRecommended order of operation:
-make or otherwise aquire your buttons
-work out how long the buttonholes need to be
-make the sleeves, with facings wide enough for the buttonholes
-sew your buttonholes
-do the tablet edge (can be done later, but not have buttons to catch on is a bonus)
-mark the button positions
-sew on the buttons.
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( Jun. 26th, 2015 06:18 pm)

Yay, weaving. It's fun, I seem to remember how to do it. I've threaded up the cards correctly, I like the effect. Win. I had to drop one card of the border each side to reduce the width but that is ok. I certainly don't mind the resulting weave, might prefer it even.

Actually, writing that has cheered me up a bit. I've been in a mood slump this afternoon after a full day of brewing and crossing all the things off today's list. Just want some company I suppose but too tired to go seek it.


Further adventures in blue:

-The blue hood is now wearable, even worn. It still needs a tablet woven border on the buttonhole edge to be considered finished.
-The blue frock just needs the buttons sewn on (tonight is the plan), and probably a similar border.
-I hope to aquire thread for these borders tomorrow.
-I’ve made a few changes to the belt design and done the first stage of warp preparation. The buckle still hasn’t arrived but I can usefully thread the cards before it does. Green has morphed into grey, simply because the grey is a better match for thread weight. Blue has changed places with green/grey and now also has a red dot in the middle. It also has contingency for needing to drop cards to manage the width. Late breaking news: the buckle has arrived!
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In other news:
-I didn't have patterning brain available this morning, so no brown jacket progress.
-I’ve been attacked by a sudden design for a loose coat for the small length of coral coating from Job warehouse. That fabric is now found, washed, dried and pressed.
-The latest beer(Vin Lager) is ready to bottle. Maybe that is the next task.
-I will go to midwinter, to see the visitors if nothing else. If I have a bad enough time, I shan't go to further investiture events (I'm "allergic" to court these days)
-I do have a wearable warm german frock, so i shan't plan to make a new one for the good food feast. It's not maximum spekky but it will do. Of course I may yet suffer a rush of enthusiasm and make one anyway.



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