Capturing some memories. This is a longer version than posted to FB.

Once apon a time in a job reasonably far away- various management people would pop into my office* and ask how things were going. I would proceed recite the current litany of problems and what we were doing to manage them, with return questions about any news on when various bits of plant were expected to be working again. It wasn’t until years later that I realised that, the more senior the person, the more likely they wanted a simple answer of “fine thanks” or maybe “we have everything under control”. They kept paying my salary for another 10-15 years so it can’t have been all bad.

A couple of related anecdotes:
- My first production manager in that role used to come in and ask why we had not requested a particular action from the plant operators. Initially I sort of ducked my head and said the equivalent of “oh, you think we should? Ok then” and try to work out what he was talking about and why. I really felt I must have learned something the day I responded with “no, that isn’t a good idea, because…”.
-Same guy** turned up one day rather later, hung his head and reluctantly asked what was going wrong today. I felt bad then for all my negative reports. He was the one that needed to know, but he wasn’t really temperamentally suited to his role. He is a deep thinker, not someone happy in the hurly burly of operations.

I hated that job, and I reckon it nearly killed me, but bizarrely, by golly it made one feel alive. Yeh, yeh, I’m still processing.

* (the only time I ever had one, though shared)
** one who’s intellect I respect more than just about any other I met in the organisation
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( Dec. 21st, 2014 07:04 am)
A little piece of unpleasantness played out right next to me at work today. There were three of us made redundant at the same time. One of the others was kicking up a fuss about HR having to delay a meeting with her by half and hour. "I've arranged my whole day around this and now it's not working" and said in a harsh and uncompromising sort of way. I gather she had come in to the office only for the meeting. I do wonder if any work is still being done.

I now have a better idea why I'm in such good odour with the boss, and why HR are cutting me slack around the leaving process. "oh but you are actually still coming in, working on the handover and being generally pleasant and productive".

Two more days, and a half at work, then I get over a week off. Two further weeks back at work, then I'm done.

I'm batting about the house like a lost thing tonight, achieving nothing. Oh that's right, I barely slept last night. My sinuses are up in arms about something. Bedtime for me.

somehow I missed pressing the "post" button on Friday.

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( Oct. 30th, 2013 04:53 pm)
Well maybe I am, but don't assume this simply based on my lack of FB response. My FB has been broken since mid morning. I can see posts and a few other pages,  but not interact. I can't see comments, post comments, post status, alter settings, or even submit a fault report! I've rebooted, logged off and back in, but no banana. It's not just the gossip, it's become a communication tool. Sigh.

I'm so grateful I could work at home today. I had brain exhaustion this morning. Strangely, I managed to do quite some pieces of work  and I feel improved this evening. I carefully didn't try to do anything really complex, even contemplating that was making my head hurt. I'd better be up for some tomorrow though!

I have lots of post topics lined up- saucepans, beer, troosers, sca thoughts. Maybe later. When I can find both time and sufficient brain.

The ginger mead is still fermenting. At the three week mark today it tested at 1.008 density. It tastes pretty yummy. Honey, lemon and ginger all evident
In the last four days:
-visited lovely peeps, chatted, hung, happy birthdayed, got fed, got visited, presented and received presents, fed peeps. Repeat.
-started up abs again. Need to do today's
-braved the boxing day sales. Came away with two frocks and two jackets that each make me feel fabulous. Ran home before I spent any more money.
-went to the 'Rat, assisted a bit with lime mortar, met a peep, fed peeps twice
- moderation on the drinking front, surprise. Involvement of childer and driving contributed

-attempted to go to work this morning. Well, went there but forgot all my passes. So temporary building pass enabled coffee with colleagues and a couple of impromptu meetings. Then I went home to use my computer pass and do some work, and all my laundry on such a lovely day. I didn' mean to leave my passes home, really. no really.
-carved into chunks and packed away the rest of the ham. It fed 5 for dinner, me for 5 days, 7 for lunch yesterday. In the freezer are 4-5 more gobbets for future dinnerand the bone for boiling. I've still got a box full to make dinner on Friday's VB flight.
-ordered indulgent DVDs

-I haven't done family Chrissie yet. That starts Fri night

rather later
-I'm all booked for festi!! I have a plan and fabric for my Lemming tribute frock. given the fact below- it is likely to include faced slashing (all of my frocks with said feature have been done at ...)
-I'm also all booked for Port Fairy after having last year off. Only 3 of us this year but I'm looking forward to it.



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