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( Jan. 29th, 2016 01:56 pm)
This is the damson vodka after 16 days. Something about the colour inspired me to look up whether making gin by steeping is a thing. Turns out it is! So I went mad and added 10g juniper berries, about 1/2t coriander seed, 1 cardamon pod (these all crushed a bit) and a fingertip piece of cinnamon. I should try it in a week to see how it tastes. 'Speriment!

Apparently traditional pink gin is just regular gin with a dash of angostura bitters.


strained a week later on 5th Feb


take the booze soaked fruit, wipe off the gin botanicals, pop into a saucepan, barely cover with water, bring to a simmer for 10min. Moule to remove stones.

take the resulting 500ml of slush back to the saucepan. Add 300g sugar. Stir to dissolve, bring to a boil for 10min, bottle.


In early March, the liquor tasted wonderful. Very fruity and the juniper and vanilla were nicely obvious. It was better cut with soda water than straight.
In July, these pleasant flavours had faded away, leaving sharp flavours. I've just (10th July) added some vanilla bean bits from the vanilla sugar jar, and another 10g of juniper.

and strained two weeks later. oops. The recipes I've read suggest infusing between a day and a week.


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