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( Mar. 31st, 2016 10:37 am)


-Made a mouse guard pouch, four gold tassels for Miriam and fourteen red wool buttons for William.
-thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my people, but left craving more. I really must do that drive to Siddly and CF next year is feeling more likely.
-loved the good news of dear friends being recognised for their awesomeness.
-did my duty in getting to the LPT (which I love anyway), the Laurel meeting, the Rose tea (which was more fun and inclusive than I feared) and did two gate shifts (which involved hanging out with mostly people I like, with the bonus of meeting a nice dude too)
-sang in Greg's LPT entry, which was one of the most solidly successful SCA singing performance I've been involved with. Hurrah. A skillful team and enough rehearsals for the win. The Exultate we did for midwinter a few years back might equal it?
-was far too grumpy at the beginning. I blame the quartet of my inner control freak, neat freak, anxiety monkey and hormones. I must remember this is likely to happen every time and cope with it better, or not go.
-Cooked some good stuff including the two curries I made for pre game- best I've ever done. The bresaola came out better than ever too, such that one lady said she now wants to marry me :-)



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