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( Aug. 31st, 2016 03:26 pm)
I went searching for the post from last time I made strawberry jam, but there wasn't one. So this time there will be. Strawbs were 3 punnets for $4.

I pretty much followed Pam the Jam's recipe. Except it would seem that English jam sugar is lots weaker than Jamsetta. I used about a quarter of a 50g packet of Jamsetta, plus  I boiled the peels and cores of three pears (from the pear compote I had just prepped) in about 100ml of water and strained off the liquid through a cloth. Otherwise this is 1kg of strawbs, 900g sugar, 100ml lemon juice and Pam's method. Good colour eh?

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( Oct. 8th, 2014 03:13 pm)


While I can still remember what I did. Made up recipes are better written down! Then if one likes the result it can be repeated. Or altered as one sees fit from a known starting point.

Raspberry sauce
350g purple raspberries (picked by moi last summer, have been living in freezer since)
Juice of one meyer lemon
Slow heat to simmer, mash, take off heat
Add 175g sugar, stir until dissolved
Back on heat- bring to low boil for 5min

Strawberry Pear sauce
1.5punnets strawbs + one pear=550g prepared fruit
Juice of one meyer lemon
1/2t ground ginger, 1/4t each ground cardamom, nutmeg
Slow heat to simmer, blitz, take off heat
Add 250g sugar, stir until dissolved
Back on heat- bring to low boil for 5min

You might see the bits of raspberry that were left in the funnel and made it into the first strawpear bottle



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