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( Jan. 25th, 2016 01:24 pm)
This is the current state of my sock knitting. None of these socks have partners and two are unfinished. Rather more UFOness than I prefer. Normally I finish things that I start. With socks, I will sometimes work on two pairs alternately so as to not die of boredom. Four pairs on the go at once is really unusual.  I have other things I want to knit but I think I'd better get these dealt with first.

-the blue one is a 'bethan long sock based on "the Gunnister" sock. I knitted this on my previous trip to NZ, then stalled after I stuffed up the shaping on the heel. It needs pulling back a bit before resuming. Then to knit the other, I'd have to figure out what I did on the first one. I did make notes but I'm not sure how useful they will be. I'm actually doubting the wisdom of continuing with these. They will be VERY warm. Also, the yarn alone is worth about $75 and there is a lot of knitting needed to finish them. I need to decide whether to continue, or pull this one back and use the yarn for other things.

-  I didn't knit the partner of the bluish striped one straight away because the heel is complicated and I can't do it without quiet and a pattern. Sock knitting for me is usually a brainless travel project.might be a bit tight in the ankle.

-the pink cabled one was started to be a portable project instead, but stopped because it needs the slippery steel needles for me to manage the cables, and airline security doesn't like those.

-the tweedy one on the left is just finished, knitted almost entirely on the recent NZ trip.


I feel like making the second tweedy sock. I think I ought work on finishing the pink one first instead. I'll try on the blue striped on to assess the ankle. I'm really not sure what to do with the long blue one, wrap it back up into the drawer for now I suppose.



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